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The Kilogramme Studio is an award winning 2D and 3D animation production company based in Manchester. We are situated in the city’s Northern Quarter and since 2005 we have provided a wide range of creative animations for a variety of extremely well satisfied customers.

We are a very, very creative bunch and we strongly believe that the best way to get a message across can be through animation. We take the initial ideas of our clients, we then lavish and cherish them through our creative processes to produce a final animation, be it 2D or 3D. Our creative team are highly skilled and we aim to offer complete customer satisfaction.

By daring to be different we have created some wonderfully individual animations. We have provided 2D and 3D animations for television including BBC2, 3, 4 and Learning, CBeebies, CBBC, Granada and Channel 4. Alongside this we have contributed to many charitable causes.

Our work has been the creative force in many multimedia, advertising and marketing campaigns including our work for Kapersky Internet Security, London Fire Brigade, Unbound, PSP, Oxrordshire DAAT, Edgehill University and Bike and Go. Our portfolio has earned us industry recognition including our Big Chip award winning work in 2010, 2012 and 2013. We were also immensely proud of the team at Kilogramme to be a Roses Creative Gold Award Winner in 2013.

Our creative spark helps us to bring your ideas to life. What initially appears as a simple thought in your head can be transformed with a touch of our inventiveness and an ounce of the  Kilogramme magic formula. Our animations have wonderfully fascinating personalities and we create recognisable characters whose charm almost leaps out of the screen.

We have the experience and talent to conjure up wonderfully unique animations which brim with originality, our team can quickly create something out of the ordinary to suit your needs.

Our client base is hugely varied, our high quality animations have pleased lots of people from an array of industries, we are able to create almost anything that you could ever imagine. We are able to find inspiration in the strangest of places. We are confident that our computer animations created by our highly creative team will be the right solution for you.

We are unlike any other animation company as we are extremely customer focused. If you are not happy then we certainly aren’t happy either. Our customer focus and creative skillsets mean we provide our clients with a quality service which has grown over years of industry experience.

The work ethic of our team makes working with Kilogramme a pleasure to behold, we believe we have the recipe for success and are proud to have been recognised with a number of industry prizes since we came to the drawing board nearly a decade ago!

We strongly believe in offering a fully comprehensive creative service, if you check out our portfolio you will see our forte is of course animation but we are about more than just that. By taking our clients through all phases of the process we are able to offer solutions that also include character design, script, storyboards and art direction.

Since 2005 we have excelled in these areas:

  • Design
  • 2D Animation
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • 3D Animation


The first step in any animation process is design, we create designs for characters and artwork which can later be animated through either 2D or 3D. It is important that we liaise very closely with our clients to give customers exactly what they want and what they have paid for.

Through close communications with clients at every stage of our design process we create characters which represent and match their brand ethos. We start off with the initial creation of characters that you are happy with before moving on to storyboarding to show you the exact artistic direction the finished animation will move in.

We have designed lots of characters for a variety of clients including the Money Magpie People and Swinton Steve for Swinton Insurance, we are open to creating charismatic characters that translate into delightful animations.

2D Animation

We cater specifically for the needs of all our customers with our 2D multimedia animation. We use the latest computer technology and software to bring characters to life in the shortest possible time. We love to listen; your needs are imperative to us at Kilogramme Animation Studio and we create individual 2D animations that are unique to you or your brand.

We have created 2D animations for a number of good causes and campaigns, we provided character design and animation for an advertising campaign for Ribble Valley Council which focuses on the do’s and don’ts of recycling and refuse collection.

We have also worked with the Oxford DAAT and created characters as part of six short animations; they were a huge part of their drugs awareness campaign, focussing on drug abuse amongst young people.

In 2013 we created the opening film for the Big Chip Awards, lending our superb 2D animation skills and pushing the boat out to create a lovely short video for our friends who have treated us very well in the past.

We weren’t handed a brief for this project but that gave us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles; the character Ali was created by Craig Knowles and we opted for a thrilling animation based loosely around the adventure movies Indiana Jones.

Our processes are always very collaborative within the agency and next up it was the turn of Mick Harrison to create a storyboard and script. We then enlisted renowned concept artist and illustrator Paul Harrison to create the overall background design, as a trusted member of our team Paul knew exactly what we needed with his ability to create beautiful and stylish visuals.

David Ridges then created the animation alongside Craig Knowles, using a combination of Adobe Flash, 3DS Max and After Effects. Music and sound effects were specially composed by film composer Jasper Wilkinson and award winning sound designer Eloise Whitmore was brought in to add some spooky vocals. Overseeing all this was Bafta nominated director Claire Grey.

This just gives a slight insight into the way we work, together as a team we have a very talented group who together can produce stunning results.

Please take a look at our 2D portfolio by following the links on the left hand side.

2D/3D Animation

3D animation can bring your brand or advert to life, we create exciting and distinct animations with stunning graphics that can be fun, friendly and most of all suited to your needs. Look no further than the animation team here at Kilogramme for creative answers to your very specific requirements.

By working closely with you from start to finish we can transform primitive ideas into wonderful 3D animations with memorable characters.

In 2011 we began to work in conjunction with Phil Meany and Craig Cash at Jellylegs Productions, we produced a short pilot for a TV series called Angels Inc.

The six minute animation was created entirely in house and was screened at a prestigious comedy conference held at the Lowry in Salford which was held by Vision +Media, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

Angels Inc was aimed at an adult audience and the animation starred the voices of well known comedians Justin Moorehouse, who voiced Bernand, Zoe Lyons, who was Margo, Russell Kane, who portrayed Pete and Sarah Millican as Sue. As per usual we took initial sketches right through to a completed animation.

Angels Inc showcased our abilities to create a wide range of different characters; with Bernard we gave birth to a lovable but hapless guardian angel, Margo turned into a rather fearsome and borderline sexy boss, and the final character we designed was Pete, who was originally human but who ended up being an orangutang – this sort of magic could only happen in animation!

Please take a look at the previous 2D / 3D projects that we have created, get lost in the characters and the animations we have lovingly nurtured, ranging from wonderfully imagined short films to longer videos and adverts.

3D Animation

At the Kilogramme studio we are honoured to have a team full of skilled and inspired 3D animators. We have the collective abilities to create fun and exciting animations which literally jump out of the screen, we used a number of cutting edge methods to really bring our characters and stories to life.

Don’t be afraid to request just about anything, this is because we dare to take our 3D work one step further and really produce work which is jam packed full of personality and boundless charm. Our animation methods along with our creativity are they key to us being able to generate our charming 3D video animations, we create work which appeals to any age group and audience.

From our initial sketches through to the moments when our characters come to life, we look to carefully create characters which are charismatic, engaging, absorbing or even unpleasant if you are looking for a nastier and villainous character.

We have provided our bewitching and engrossing 3D animations for a number of satisfied customers in the past, please check out our 3D animated page for more of an insight to what we do at Kilogramme!


2013 was a great year in terms of recognition for the Kilogramme Animation Studio, we were delighted to be recognised with a number of awards to add to the gongs we have picked up in the past!

Roses Creative Awards 2013 – Gold Award Winner

In 2013 we picked up another award when we received the top animation prize at the Roses Creative Awards; we were delighted to be recognised by this panel who look to award the creative thinking across advertising, design and digital disciplines.

Entries at the Roses Creative Awards are open to Advertising Agencies, Design Consultancies, Digital Agencies, Direct Mail Companies, Production Companies, Marketing Agencies, PR Consultancies, In-house Creative Teams, In-house Marketing Teams and Media Buying Agencies.

It feels great to be the pick of the bunch and to be awarded the Best Use of Animation amongst our peers.

Big Chip Awards 2013 – Best Use of Animation

We won the award for best use of Animation at the Big Chip Awards 2013 for our short Max and the Late Night IT security battle; this was great as we retained our title after winning it in 2012 for our piece Tall tales pt1.

The judges said about our winning entry: “The winner here was charming, fun and most of all unexpected. It took a potentially dry subject and transformed it through the use of an engaging graphic style, all the while making sure the key brand messages were communicated.”

Again, to be singled out amongst a shortlist of excellent work makes us extremely proud.

MPA Awards

We were shortlisted at the inaugural MPA Awards in 2013 for TV, Film, Video production – Collaboration and came out as the winner in our category. The event took place locally at the Gorton Monastery and looked to celebrate innovation across creative and media sectors. There were judges on the panel from Urban Splash, Trinity Mirror and the Manchester Airport Group.

Blackrock Animation Festival

We have received community recognition at the Blackrock Animation Festival which is open to entries from around to world. Held yearly since the inaugural ceremony in 2011, in Blackrock, County Dublin, it is nice to have our talents and hard work recognised alongside other superb animation, design and film agencies.

Feel free to have a look around our website and you will bear witness that no two of our animations are the same, our skills lie in our abilities to craft an individual animation with unique characters that possess varied personalities that are always to the satisfaction of our clients.

Through our creativity, technical skills and strong work ethic we have developed a portfolio of work that sets us apart from all others within our sector. The awards we have collected are testament to the dedication of the team at Kilogramme, our unique skillset combined with the vision and experience we have helps to bring the dreams of our clients to life.